Monday, November 22, 2010

My New Song: "A Nightly Flight" (free streaming + download here)

Hello everybody!

After a long long pause, I'm excited to announce my new creation - finally!
Without any further ado, here comes (drumroll):

A Nightly Flight

Floating above a sea of clouds in a nightly sky.

As night covers the world and lights get dimmer, thoughts about the daily grind fade away. Reality loosens its hold on us and slowly dissolves into peace.

Old longings wake up and venture out of their silence. Forgotten dreams dare to speak up. It's time to unleash them and let them take us wherever they might.

The nightly sky - deep and nebulous - is calling us to plunge into it.
What's waiting out there? Could we find fulfillment of all those wishes long forgotten?

Would our ride be smooth and unrestrained, or are there turbulances ahead?

There's only one way to find out.

In a space filled with deep mysterious sounds, complex melodies float in the air.Twisting and turning, changing rhythms, they occasionally clash into each other, giving the piece its bittersweet dreamy feel.

Some descriptions by listeners on reddit:
"It almost sounds like the music they play in the movie theater before the movie comes on telling everyone to be quiet. Except more space like and futuristic. If I had to put it in a genre id say want to say something like psychedelic or future classical. Probably some better terms though. Electro-classical?"
"SNES RPG video game music. Specifically Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy."
"Slow arpeggiated harpsichord on ethereal pads. Melodic piano."
"Dreamy, atmospheric...I wouldn't go so far as to call it ambient but something about the mood of it reminded me of ambient music, except not quite as minimalist and directionless as ambient music. Strange sound effects call to mind fog or murk or something along those lines. Piano melody that sometimes seems like a decorative element adding to the atmospherics of the song, and sometimes demands more attention with weird little abstract stretches of odd melodies or weird rhythms."

Just sit back and give it a listen. You'll need some good speakers or headphones.

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