Welcome To My Blog

Hello dear visitor!

This is the blog I built to present my creative pursuits. I intend to post here any music pieces, drawings, videos, song lyrics and other poetry, as well as any other kind of art I come up with.

While I don't have any formal education in music and other arts, I have been very interested in music all throughout my life. Just listening has never been enough for me. I like to sing and to play guitar and keyboard as a hobby. I also love salsa dancing.

Throughout my life, it's always been a dream of mine to come up with some music of my own. Up until recently this was just a dream - until I decided to make some time and really start working on this consistently.

I've been chipping at this for quite some time now and the results start to show. I've been struggling, hitting one brick wall after another, trying to figure things out. And it's been a great experience. I love this struggle and I love learning all those new things. Life is good.

While I do believe to have some musical talent, I never thought I could draw. This changed in April 2010, when I ventured on an experiment. I took a few classes and you can see the results.

Although I'm open to experimenting with visual arts and poetry, music will be my main focus. Working on everything at once can be more than I can handle right now, so I could gladly use somebody else's lyrics and/or artwork.

If you happen to be an artist and would like to team up with me, be sure to leave me a comment.

So dear visitor, make yourself at home. Have a look around, and if you happen to enjoy what you found here, please let me know!

Have a wonderful time,